Bulliten Board August 2020

    SUNDAY service ONLINE is at the new time of 10.30am

    To all attendees of worship at St Thomas/St Lawrence


    We have received instruction from the Diocese that requires all who attend St Thomas for Sunday Services, to wear a suitable face covering. This requirement remains in place until future notification. 


    A face covering is not necessarily a purpose purchased mask ,it may comprise a scarf, a buff or a bandana. Requirements are that it must securely fit around the side of the face and cover both the nose and mouth. 


    May we please emphasise that although this instruction is handed on by the Diocese, it is now a Legal and Lawful requirement in England that is compulsory for all unless, as stated, there are medical exemptions. 


    Our Sunday Service for the foreseeable future will be Holy Communion at 9 am. Numbers will be limited to 30 people in the building during the service, so please do let us know if you intend to come. We will be taking names as part of the Track and Trace protocol. 


    We ask all who attend to please respect our Church Health and Safety Policy that is intended to keep all as safe and well as possible. 


    Please use common sense at all times 

    Please hand sanitise with the available hand sanitiser 

    Please respect the ‘no access’ restrictions. 

    Keep the back of the Church clear at all times 

    Please refrain as far as possible from touching surfaces in Church 

    Please maintain social distancing at all times. Two metres please . 

    Please cooperate with those showing you to your seat, please do remain in your seat, and do sit anywhere else, even if some seats are not being used. 


    Covid 19 has not gone away, it is as dangerous now as ever it was, please keep yourself safe and play your part in keeping others safe too. 


    Finally if you are in any doubt that your Health may be compromised if you do attend , 

    then please stay at home. 

    If you need help, assistance or advice then do please contact Gordon or Gill 


    God bless and stay safe 



    Sunday worship in church start's on 2nd August at 9am in St Thomas and 11am in St Lawrence.

    Service times online:-

    • Monday to Saturday 9.30am and Sunday to Friday at 7pm LIVE on facebook, services are saved for you to watch at your leisure. Service sheets, if you want to follow along can be found on this link.
    • SUNDAY worsship is at the new time of 10.30am and is available on youtube afterwards
    • If you wish to access faith resources and things to do at home, check out our WORSHIP AT HOME PAGE

    Would you like to get involved in online ministry? We would leave to hear from you.....email us here


    If you need urgent food supplies please click hereIf you need to use the foodbank, or want to make donations please see this link https://westcheshire.foodbank.org.uk/

    Post a Prayer online by clicking on the image below. (prayers are anonymous)

    • Support for vulnerable and isolated, If you are isolated or feel vulnerable, then please do contact a member of the clergy team who will do their best to see how the church can support you in these very trying times.    
    • West Cheshire Foodbank, needless to say there are many people who are having to rely on Foodbank and so can we please encourage you when shopping to pop a few items into their collection points at the supermarkets if possible. 


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