Thank you for your Prayers and Support and donations so far!!!

A special thank you too all the ladies at St Thomas and St Lawrence Churhes for making the bags for the starter packs.


August 2019


JUNE 2019

GAPP INITIATIVE Update - Starter Packs for year 7 high school girls 

A BIG thank to everyone who has supported/donated and helped in any way which has made it possible for the GAPP Initiative to provide (now) 82 Starter Packs for The Ellesmere Port Catholic High School, particularly while I've not been available over the past few weeks. The school will be Distributing the packs to their girls on Monday 15th July. 

This is the third school we have now provided Starter Packs for, this will be 132 Starter Packs in total which we have made so far. Amazing! so I thank God for His goodness and for the generosity of many. 

The next school we hope we will be able to make a provision of Starter Packs for will be the Whitby High School, but we hope to do this for the new intake from September. This is a very large school and the current year 7 has about a 150 girls. This will involve the making of more bags and the continued collection of toiletries for the starter packs, although we would probably distribute them in lots of 50 for ease of distribution.

We would value your prayers for this next stage of potentially making the packs available for Whitby High School. 

For the momentum of the GAPP Initiative and also for all the women and girls who may benefit from the service the GAPP Initiative provides

Many thanks again for your support and God bless


Also THANK YOU to Morrisions for their donations


In addition to sanitary products we are also collecting items for the starter packs which we are putting together for the year 7 girls.

We are currently collecting:- Shower gel, shampoo, deodrant, toothpaste and toothbrushes, girls knickers and hair brushes for teenage girls.


Check out our perious months works here: -http://www.ellesmereportparish.co.uk/gapp/updates/update-archive/


Check out the article in this months Standard :- https://www.chesterstandard.co.uk/news/17696093.ellesmere-port-initiative-aims-to-end-period-poverty-in-the-town/


























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