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How you can help to support the GAPP Initiative!


Thank you for visiting our web pages we are so pleased you want to help support the GAPP Initiative and our local community.


Help us to keep momentum going making it possible for us to help those in our local community who most need this kind of support.


All donations of sanitary products are used to support those in our local community who may not be able to afford such items.


Access to safe sanitary products should be a basic human right! Being without these products is unthinkable!


So with your help we might make life a little easier for others!


Thank you for supporting local women and girls through the GAPP Initiative.



          Ways you can support the GAPP Initiative:

  • Support us with your prayers

  • Dropping off sanitary products at one of our Donation collection points. For an up to date list of what we are collecting please see our updates page

  • If you are a business or an organisation and would like to operate as a Donation Collection/Distribution Point Centre please contact us.

  • Sending a monetary Donation to Ellemere Port Parish with the Reference GAPPI (Sort code: 20-51-08 Account Number: 80392448)

  • Consider joining 40 Acts of Lent - an annual on-line series of 40 reflections and actions during Lent to prayerfully consider and to put into action during Lent. On Act 3 this year, which was on the 8th March, it was International Women’s Day, and the focus was on Period Poverty. For more information click here

Contact your local MP see below.

You may be aware of the many groups, charities, organisations and petitions across the UK who have been coming together with the aim of trying to make a difference, some are making much progress in trying to help tackle 'Period Poverty'.

Particularly a petition this one which was started by Amika George, only a teenager herself, who has helped to influence Government Policy through her Free Periods Campaign. Earlier this year, Chancellor, Philip Hammond announced in the Government’s Spring Statement, that they plan to make sanitary products available free to High Schools and Colleges. However, further details haven't been made clear yet, with some issues remaining unresolved at the moment. For further details see link to article in the Independent Newspaper on-line below. 

Latest news:- Primary school pupils in England to be given free sanitary products. Ministers to provide towels and tampons from early next year to tackle period poverty

Please write to your local MP to request the UK Parliament to act now to end Period Povery using our template letter.

Download and read the template letter, inserting your name and address and MP's name within the 'fields' in the letter. Which you can then save and send via email to your local MP or alternatively you can send in by post. The MP for Ellesmere Port is Justin Madders (


Why should I write to my local MP? (see supporting letter for information)


For further information please see our Updates page.

Every donation made makes a huge difference to number of women and school girls we can support. So thank you for helping to make this possible and for your continuing support through the GAPP Initiative, on behalf of those in our community who might need this sort of help THANK YOU!


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