GAPP Letter to send to MP

Please use this template to write to your local MP to request the UK Parliament to act now to end Period Poverty.

 Are you aware of the issue of 'Period Poverty' (not having the means to access 'essential' safe sanitary products), affecting some women and teenage school girls in our local community? 

 (If not click here for more information.)

 Much has been achieved in some communities across the UK, with many starting to get the support needed.  This, however, is a short-term solution to a long-term problem so we need the UK Parliament to take action now to provide free sanitary products to schoolgirls on free school meals. 

 An important way we can prompt Westminster into action is to write to our local MPs outlining these issues we hope they will address in Parliament. Please may we ask for your support, to read our template letter, then print the letter, insert your name & address, then send it to your local MP.  The MP For Ellesmere Port is Justin Madders. Or you may wish to email him and attaching this letter complete with your name and address.

  Thank you for your support.

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