Setting Gods People Free

Setting God’s People Free

If you ask people what it means to be a Christians or to belong to the church, they might talk about going to church on a Sunday


We are just as much Christian disciples, and just as much the church, in our everyday lives during the rest of the time, in our workplaces, homes, neighbourhoods and schools.


 As the church of Jesus Christ, we gather together for worship, but we are then scattered into the world to live for him. That rhythm of gathering an scattering is fundamental to what it means to be a Christian.

Setting God’s People Free is a programme of Change to enable the whole people of God to live out the good news of Jesus Christ confidently in all of life, Monday to Saturday as well as Sunday. It stresses that we are all in this together, whether we are ordained or not a, and that through our common baptism, Jesus has commissioned us to be his disciples in the world.

The National Church is producing resources to help people engage with what it means to be a whole-life disciple.

Through the Setting God’s People Free project we are thinking deeply about how, as a church, we can further encourage and enable one another to live out the good news of Jesus, and follow Him with confidence, in all areas of our lives.

In appreciating that as Christians we are all equal partners in mission, we wish to recognise, resource and rejoice in the unique and diverse ministries of each and every church member, in their varied walks of life and places they are called to serve.  As part of that process, we want to hear about the opportunities and challenges you are facing as you seek to follow Jesus and get a snap-shot of where we think we are, at the moment, in our life together as a church.

The results will be sent to the Chester Diocese who will collate the results with the other 25 Parishes in the Diocese taking part in the programme.

So, we want to encourage you to give honest responses to the Church Members Survey below. The survey is anonymous, but it will hep us grow together in faith, witness and discipleship.

Thank you for being willing to take part.


For more information on Setting God's People Free for... Monday to Saturday please click here.

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Church Member Survey - Part 1

Church Member Survey - part 2