October 2020 Prayer Diary

Understandably, our diaries look rather different to ‘normal’ at the moment. Which means producing a table of events that occur during the month is a bit pointless!

So instead here is a short list of the things we would really appreciate being covered in prayer this month:

  • Health. It seems an obvious one right now, but we pray thanks for the health of the team so far, please do pray for it to continue.

  • Engagement. We’re trying everything we can to provide interesting and social media content for our young people. Please pray that they engage with it, respond, and that it opens the way to conversation and ultimately that we can lead them to Jesus!

  • Kian. Pray for Kian as he settles into the team that he’ll find his place and rhythm for what we do. It’s all a bit daunting right now I’m sure he’s started well!

  • Inspiration! Producing as much content as we now do takes a LOT of ideas. Please pray for divine inspiration to come to us as we plan our upcoming posts, so that what we put out is what God wants people to see.

  • Minsters. Join us in praying for all our church ministers as they constantly adapt to an ever changing situation. Pray we can find the ways to best serve our Vicars, Pastors, Priests, Youth Workers, parishioners, and anyone else involved in youth work in the local church.

  • Teachers. They are having an extremely challenging time of it! Please pray for health, resilience, and peace for all those having to adapt everything about how they teach to in order to continue and stay safe.

  • Finances. Charities everywhere are feeling the pinch, and Wirral Youth for Christ is no exception. Please pray for our financial future as we trust God for His provision in His time.

    Thank you,

    James, Emily, and Kian Wirral Youth for Christ

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